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Where Design Meets Construction

All too often design is undertaken without due consideration to constructability. This carries substantial risk for all stakeholders including cost blow outs and delays. Our unique combination of construction and development experience combined with a raft of design experience.

By drawing on decades of structural design & construction experience, we create efficient designs without compromise. Improved constructability saving builders, developers & owners alike both time & money.


A Proven Process Of Design Excellence

Our 4 step process is designed to deliver quality outcomes. From conception through to delivery and everything in between.

Building Structural Engineer, Steel Structural Engineer, and Structural Engineer Consultant Services

As a building owner, you understand the complexities and challenges involved in constructing or renovating a building. That's why it's crucial to collaborate with qualified professionals who specialise in building structural engineering, steel structures, and consulting services. 

At Ardent Consulting Engineers, we provide comprehensive engineering solutions for all types of building projects. Our experienced engineers are dedicated to delivering innovative and efficient solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our building structural engineers specialise in designing and analysing key structural components such as walls, floors, roofs, and foundations. We have extensive expertise in steel structures, including the design and analysis of steel buildings, bridges, and other structures.

As structural engineer consultants, we offer expert guidance and advice throughout the construction process, from planning and design to construction and maintenance. We work closely with clients, contractors, architects, and other stakeholders to ensure the realisation of their vision within the allotted time and budget.

At Ardent Consulting Engineers, our commitment is to exceed client expectations by delivering high-quality engineering services. Whether you're embarking on a new building project, renovating an existing one, or seeking guidance on a specific issue, our team is here to assist you. Contact us today to discover how we can serve as your trusted experts in building structural engineering, steel structures, and structural engineer consulting.


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No one else gives the amount of thought that you do to how a project actually has to come to together. Most engineers ignore constructability and just leave it to the builder to figure it out later.

Andrew Blake

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We have no hesitation for using and recommending Ardent for all of our projects.

Tatham White


We use Ardent for all of our Engineering Work including our own developments.

Tom Menso

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